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I trust these will help encourage and direct your relationship with  God in powerful ways!

Following Jesus Into the Power

Have you ever found yourself wondering… where did all that power go? The power to heal, physically and emotionally. The power to have the right words to say at the right time. The power to see people who are open and hungry—just like Jesus did—and lead them to the Source of Life. Is it possible for normal people to live that way too? Or was it just
 Jesus who got to do that stuff? Your answer to that question changes everything! There is no reason to
 drift through your world powerless when Jesus’ last words on earth were, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8). It’s time to power up! Read an excerpt here.

Following Jesus Out of the Brokenness

We yearn for meaning in a world marked by pain. How does the gospel lead us out of such brokenness? Paul writes the book of Romans to describe how the gospel transforms, not just our eternal destiny, but our earthly future together. Personal suffering, relational rifts, behavioral addictions, church divisions, and even community fragmentation—all these are healed and restored by the gospel. This is Paul’s promise to us. Dare we believe it? Disappointment and disillusionment with the church will give way to fresh hope as we learn to not just believe the gospel, but live the gospel! Let’s follow Jesus into His restoration project. Read an excerpt here.

Doing Life With

Doing Life With is a “field guide” for becoming a disciple who disciples. Punctuated with personal stories from Jerry’s discipleship journey, the book casts a vision for—and offers the tools for—transforming the world with the decidedly low-tech approach of personal, ongoing relationship—the example Jesus gave us. This book also offers the fundamentals of faith and practice that readers can use to confidently lay a spiritual foundation in another person’s soul that will last a lifetime. Solidly anchored in the scriptures, Doing Life With is a message, a mentorship, and a map. We have more than enough evangelism programs out there; it’s time to get back to basics with more life-on-life discipleship. Read an excerpt here.

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Following Jesus Series

Jesus invites us into the supernatural. In fact, you have been called to live in the supernatural, and biblical faith is required!